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Hello, reader!

This past Wednesday, February 25th, was the one-year anniversary of the publication of my novel The First. While the memory is bittersweet considering the fact that I'm not writing this newsletter from my 8000-square-foot mansion, it's exciting to think about all of the things I've learned over the past year and a half while working on that book, as well as my current work-in-progress.

When I focus on the negative, I find my writing comes to a dead stop. I lose focus. I lose confidence. I lose the ability to push through it all. But when I focus on the positive, I find that I can't stop talking about whatever I'm currently working on, which pushes out everything else.

To this day, one of the greatest compliments I have received came via email from a fan who contacted me in the middle of the night, out of the blue, to let me know this:

Oh! My! God! It is 3:30 in the morning and I can't stop reading. I love this book.

Of course, I didn't see the email until the next morning, but imagine the smile that lit up my face at that moment. THAT is the reaction every writer dreams of inspiring in their readers. Will everyone feel that way when they read my book? Of course not. But I do love to hear from fans.

So, here's to the year behind us and all that is to come!

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One Year Later...

One Year Later...

And here I am. And there you are. You've been with me all the way through my journey over the past year. Exactly one year ago today, I published my debut fantasy novel, The First. Amid a scurry of activity and anxiety, I managed to write, edit, and publish a novel that has been sold and read in many countries …

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Review of Eleanor by Jason Gurley

Review of Eleanor by Jason Gurley

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Corporate Con: A Cunning Clasp on Creativity

Corporate Con: A Cunning Clasp on Creativity

You like my title, don't you? I know you do, or you wouldn't be reading this.  :-) It’s amazing how prevalent this type of fraudulent practice has been throughout history to some extent or another. Even more amazing that it still thrives, feeding on the gullible and desperate. Disclaimer: The following was not written by me, but I found the post …

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Long time, no see...

Yeah, I know it's terrible of me. I've been dealing with a truckload of things, both personally and professionally, and I let some things slip by the wayside. I even got way behind in my writing.


I have been doing some reading and research on writing methods, and the paradigm I'm currently using seems like a dream come true for me. It works perfectly with the way my work-in-progress is flowing. I know all the basics—even seventy percent of the scenes, including much of the second book and some of the third—so all I need is to fill in the gaps and make sure each and every scene is purposeful and furthers the plot. I'm so excited! Thank  you, Mr. Randy Ingermanson, for your book How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method (Advanced Fiction Writing Book 1). I'll be doing an entire blog post on this soon for any of you writers out there who may or may not have heard of this before. Seriously, it's $2.99 right now. A short read, but so worth the money. This was the first time I've been happy with a book purchase in weeks (maybe months?). The analogy is quite silly, BUT it makes his points extremely clear and gives concrete examples for everything.

I mean, seriously. I'm giddy over a stupid how-to book. How geeky is that?

Hopefully, I will be able to stay more on top of updates in the future. You signed up for a reason, right? You want content. You want updates. You want me to finish this freaking book. 

I'll have some super-awesome content coming soon (hint: I'm learning how to create maps in Photoshop!), so please be patient. I promise this one will totally be worth the wait. 

Happy Reading!

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