A truly gripping read ... gorgeously presented through suspense and truly draws the reader in.

Rainbow Sword (Amazon Customer) (June 2014)

... a beautifully written novel, original, and a very enjoyable read.

Ella's Book Reviews (April 2014)

... a sumptuous blend of some familiar books—it has the feel of The Giver, plus a bit of Wool, all tied up with a very slight smidgen of the Hunger Games—yet in the end... an entity all its own....

Imagination Ether Press (March 2014)

A strange one this for me because it wasn't QUITE what I was expecting—ultimately, it was something very different and yet quite beautiful.

LizLovesBooks (March 2014)

... an interesting and original novel, despite early similarities to M Night Shymalan’s film The Village, Lisa M Green manages to give us something better and beyond a simplistic twist. Not everyone will like the pacing of the novel and the conclusion may also spark discussion, but overall this is a really well-written novel that reflects on humanity’s relationship with God and Nature; a novel that will leave you thinking.

Trollking Book Reviews (February 2014)

Many great novelists have delved into parallels of modern myth in works of fantasy, and Green should be commended for creating a tale worth telling around any campfire or with any flashlight under the covers.

Infinite Pathways (February 2014)

Matthew rated a book ★★★★ 4 of 5 stars 
Started out worried that it would be like 'The Village' but was pleasantly surprised by the unique twist on the story.


Lisa M. Green is like a lot of us: a writer with a dream but without the proper funding required to make the best book possible. She started with a modest budget request of $500 and at the end of 30 days she received nearly triple that. Her focus was on being able to get the first print run of her books done and out into the market. She had a plan and a great video. With a tiered donation system ranging from $5 (for an e-book copy) to $200 (for e-books, 2 signed soft-cover books, a meet-the-author option and more) she found a way to reach her market. By inviting readers to preview chapters from her novel, read character sketches, and interact with her on a regular basis via her blog and on facebook, she kept her subscribers engaged and curious right up until the release of her book.

— M.J. Moores at Infinite Pathways (Feb. 2014)

Spending a great deal of time in various writing circles helps one develop a 'nose' for who’s serious about their writing success, and who merely 'dabbles' or attempts self publishing for that alleged 'easy way out'....No doubt Lisa is the former—strong and serious with a eye on success—and you sample chapters. Come visit Lisa's website and her blog.

— Kimberly Grenfell at Imagination Ether Press (Nov. 2013)

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