The First

by Lisa M. Green


No one had prepared for this moment.

How could they? Eons of progress and here they were, chasing after a mythological wisp of smoke. Not a wisp. For there it was, and they were going to leave a legacy far beyond anything they could have hoped for. The biggest find in all of history.

Little did they know the power they were messing with in their naive ecstasy. The danger was far too great to risk, yet all they could see in their blindness was fame and notoriety on the horizon. But the sun was setting on their dreams, their hopes.

And their world.

The destruction was instantaneous…at first. An eruption of malice entered the world in a flash of lightning and thunder. The spread was rapid with nothing to contain its power. They should have known. They should have realized.

There are consequences for playing with fire.

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3 thoughts on “Prelude

    1. Lisa M. Green Post author

      I hope that’s not a bad thing. I recognize that anything fire-related these days immediately brings that to mind, but I tried to avoid it as much as possible. There were some title names thrown out immediately for the same reason.