MARCH 2014


It's been a slow but exciting start on the road to becoming a successful author! Here are the highlights from this past month:


In addition, two more interviews are in the works, along with upcoming reviews. Six reviews—some from professional reviewers, some from fans—have already been posted to the likes of Amazon and Goodreads, with some very uplifting and positive comments being made. 

A strange one this for me because it wasn’t QUITE what I was expecting—ultimately, it was something very different and yet quite beautiful.

 —Lizlovesbooks (Mar. 2014)

. . . an interesting and original novel, despite early similarities to M Night Shymalan’s film The Village, Lisa M Green manages to give us something better and beyond a simplistic twist . . . overall this is a really well-written novel . . . a novel that will leave you thinking.

— Noor A Jahangir (Feb. 2014)

Many great novelists have delved into parallels of modern myth in works of fantasy, and Green should be commended for creating a tale worth telling around any campfire or with any flashlight under the covers.

— Infinite Pathways (Feb. 2014)

You can read the full reviews, as well as others, by visiting Goodreads and Amazon

At least one local book signing is in the works, so if you live in the Atlanta area, get your copy of The First today so you can discuss your favorite scenes in person while you get your book signed by the author!


My Writing Process


WORD OF THE WEEK: Preconception:  pre·con·cep·tion (noun) \-kən-ˈsep-shən\: an idea or opinion that someone has before learning about or experiencing something directly (synonym = assumption). 

ANOTHER BLEARY MONDAY! At least, for me. As you read this, I may already be busily rushing through my day. But one thing is certain: I will, at some point, ...

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Leaving a Legacy

WORD OF THE WEEK — Assiduous: as·sid·u·ous (adjective) \ə-ˈsij-wəs, -ˈsi-jə-\: showing great care, attention, and effort (synonym = diligent).  

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

And so began the headlong dive into the realm of fame for a man who wouldn’t live long enough to know the true impact his life’s work had ...

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I am both humbled and enthused by the amount of support that I have received since I first announced by intention to complete and publish a full-length novel. I'm sure many were secretly thinking that I would never actually finish the book, no matter what I claimed to the contrary. And why wouldn't they? How many times do we vow to begin something yet never see it through to the finish line? They were times when even I doubted myself and my ability to maintain focus. Keeping up a steady stream of determination will inevitably falter at some point if the end goal isn't enough to sustain us. Yet the goal I had in mind was so much more than anything I had ever experienced in my life, the will to win so strong that it nearly took my breath away at times. My desire to succeed in this endeavor is alarming in its intensity, overwhelming in its magnitude. It keeps me up at night and haunts my waking dreams. I will have to continue to work just as hard to promote myself and my books, to tell the world just who I am and show them what I can do. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

As always, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Happy Reading!

Lisa M. Green, author of The First, a novel of mythic and paranormal fantasy


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