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Hello, reader!

Here are the highlights from this past month:

For part of May and all of June, Lisa went on a personal hiatus for her upcoming nuptials and honeymoon trip to Italy. Hopefully, things will be back to normal very soon. She'll be blogging over the next month about her many experiences and adventures in Italy. Her next book is coming along, albeit slowly. More information on that to come.

Just as a reminder, Lisa is offering inexpensive editing services for new authors, indie authors, small publishing houses, or anyone in need of copy editing at an extremely discounted rate compared to industry standards. You can view her qualifications and rates here.


Latest reviews for The First:

This story is well-written with a fast pace and smooth flow. The plot is gorgeously presented through suspense and truly draws the reader in.

The story takes place in what appears to be a simple world with a simple lifestyle, all of which is shattered as the story progresses. I don't want to give the plot away because it's worth reading to the end to see for yourself, but the story, as the back cover states, will surprise you.

The typical plot hooks do exist here (betrayal, love, death) but they are used in a way that make them seem fresh because of Green's writing ability. She also doesn't go into too much detail describing the locales, which helps readers more fully use their imaginations.

This was my introduction to Lisa M. Green's work, and if this story is indicative of her writing capabilities I will be reading more of her stories.

For those interested in a suspenseful, surprising, moving story, this is a good one to read.

 —"Rainbow Sword" on Amazon.com


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This Week's (Non) Blog Post

This Week's (Non) Blog Post

The title is not a joke. This is actually not a blog post. I am currently in the middle of writing anywhere from 3-5 posts at once, but the problem is I don't want to post any of them until the whole series is complete since I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to split them up. These are all …

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Interview with Author Noor A Jahangir

Interview with Author Noor A Jahangir

Well...I'm back. In the most general sense. Traveling, despite being a vacation, can be quite taxing. Not to mention downright nerve-wracking. While I do plan to get back into talking about my own writing, as well sharing some interesting tidbits from my trip to Italy, this shift back into author mode will take some time. I'm not saying I haven't …

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Brief Hiatus

Brief Hiatus

I wish sometimes that I could be supergirl. But I can't. The blue leotard just doesn't work for me. Be that as it may, I would like to say that I feel terrible for making excuses, but planning and paying for a wedding is very draining on top of a full-time job. On top of trying to get some decent …

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Well, I'm back. In a manner of speaking.

As you can see from my recent (non)blog post, a wedding doesn't end when you return home. The honeymoon is over, and now all the little legal details have to be handled.

I appreciate your continued patience more than you know. I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I'm working very hard to get back on track.

My writing? Well, that's a bit off track at the moment, but I do promise that not a day goes by where I don't write at least one thing in my journal that I've thought of concerning this new series. I know I'm being very secretive, but it's still very early. I will tell you this: there is an embedded fairy tale element to the story, though it may not be apparent. I'm very excited about it, and I hope you will be too. 

As always, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


Happy Reading!

Lisa M. Green, author of The First, a novel of mythic and paranormal fantasy



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