~ A tale of myth, mystery, and a past long forgotten ~

Enter the world of the Shadows

The First by Lisa M. Green
Something is out there…

The Shadows lurk beyond the walls. Within the village, the people live in constant fear.

But the biggest threat lies within their own village. Everyone and everything is dying, slowly and without hope of salvation.

In a world where almost nothing is truth and isolation is the purest form of self-deception, Rinni must choose to follow an unknown path in order to save everyone she knows and loves. Before long, she discovers that her most vital beliefs are based on a deception that will rock the foundation of her entire people. To save them, she must learn to open her heart and sacrifice…everything.

You may think you have heard this story before, but be warned. You haven’t.

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… a sumptuous blend of some familiar books—it has the feel of The Giver, plus a bit of Wool, all tied up with a very slight smidgen of the Hunger Games—yet in the end… an entity all its own
Imagination Ether Press

Lisa M Green manages to give us something better and beyond a simplistic twist… a novel that will leave you thinking
Trollking Book Reviews

Many great novelists have delved into parallels of modern myth in works of fantasy, and Green should be commended for creating a tale worth telling around any campfire
Infinite Pathways

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