“Loco” Motion

The further down this road I go, the more I’m questioning my sanity. I mean, what was I thinking, exactly? Why did I believe I could avoid losing my mind while stretching myself into superwoman: my own agent, publisher, marketing guru, editor (one of many), graphic designer director, producer, and sales manager? Oh yeah, and you know, teaching high school all day. After spending over twenty hours (TWENTY HOURS! That’s ten per day!) this past weekend compiling lists of book review blogs and press kit information, I ended up writing a whole three pages of my novel. A whole three pages! Apparently, I’m going to be spending more time on marketing than on writing. Is that still the best fit for me? I don’t know. I still feel confident that I am capable of accomplishing these tasks, but I just don’t know how it will affect my writing schedule.

After some reflection and MORE time on research (ugh): The above was written about five hours ago. I’ve since done more soul-searching through a stressed-out, ginger ale-induced haze. And here is my conclusion: there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hades I’m changing a thing. This train is heading for the station, people! We might experience a bit of a delay, and I’d suggest staying clear of the tracks, but I’ll try my best to avoid a complete derailment.

Of the writing, that is. My sanity is, in fact, still in question.

6 thoughts on ““Loco” Motion

  1. John Estes

    You can’t hurry art. Your novel will finish itself when it gets good and ready to do so. I suggest that you just relax and enjoy the train ride. Your readers will just have to wait until it’s done.

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