Countdown Week

The first print run of The First by Lisa M. GreenWell, it looks like there’s no backing out now.

The First‘s first print run. And I’ve got a whole box just for my Kickstarter backers, which I’ll be sending out soon. Very soon.

What’s next? The coming week is full of countdown activities, and I wanted to discuss a few of them with you. But first, let’s look at what was going on at the end of last week. On Thursday, February 13, I was featured on Infinite Pathways as part of a story on how to utilize Kickstarter successfully with a book campaign. Several people have been impressed with my project, asking questions on how I went through the process and why I chose to use Kickstarter. It’s really unbelievable considering it took months for me to convince myself to do it. Take a look at the post about my Kickstarter project, and check out the original campaign if you are curious and haven’t yet seen it.

Coming up next weekend, there are several important promotional opportunities that I’ve been given. On Friday, February 21st, a never-before-seen excerpt from The First will be highlighted at Infinite Pathways. Then, on Saturday the 22nd, you’ll have the chance to see a review of the book. Finally, on Sunday the 23rd (just two days before the launch date of The First), Infinite Pathways will be hosting an interview with the author (that’s me!) to kick off Release Week for the book. Exciting, right? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Oh, and the official debut of the book trailer video starts today! Go to the book trailer page to check out all the epic-ness. That’s right: I said epic-ness!

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