This Week’s (Non) Blog Post

The title is not a joke. This is actually not a blog post. I am currently in the middle of writing anywhere from 3-5 posts at once, but the problem is I don’t want to post any of them until the whole series is complete since I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to split them up. These are all directly connected to my trip to Italy, and I wanted to share so much with you guys, but I want to do it right. So once I get them all done, I will have some breathing room for a few weeks (and I can pretend to work on my new novel some more) since I’ll have some stacked up and ready to go. Until then, I am sorry.


I know this is cheating, but I felt it was better than not posting at all. And I know I’ve had plenty of time, but to be honest, my priorities right now consist of: writing thank you cards, editing wedding and honeymoon pictures (I will share a few relevant ones with you guys as well), and changing my name,

Seriously, you do not realize how many places your name is located until you go to change it.

Tenfold if you are an author or other professional where your profile is at a plethora of sites all over the internet. My real name had to be listed at these sites (not publicly) in order for banking and payments to be legal. Well, now that my name has changed, I have to try and remember every single log-in and account that this affects (both business and personal).

Sheesh. What a nightmare. But it does relate to one of my upcoming blog posts. Names are very significant, in my opinion.

So, in conclusion, I am not posting anything of substance here. I know that. And I’m way behind in my book reviews. I know that as well.

I prefer a stern talking-to over a public flogging, just so you know.

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